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So we have officially moved in to the trailer!

Carriage Cameo 29FKS - Front Angle

On Monday, we picked up our new home, and towed it up a winding mountain road to Running Springs, CA. The first night we couldn’t sleep in it because the bed wasn’t in yet, but the Tuesday night we slept in it! It’s great. We (Brianne mainly) are still getting it set up. Lots of scrubbing, cleaning, shampooing of carpets, ... Read More »

Moving Day!

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

We’re moving out of our Apartment and in to our RV today! So nervous about what will fit, will it be cramped, will it be loud outside at night, will it be cool enough during the day? I know all these will be answered soon, just can’t wait to move in. [UPDATE] 6 months later. Life is good 🙂 It’s ... Read More »

Getting Nervous and Anxious!

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

So we have our Trailer, and we move into it in t-minus 12 days. We have stopped all the utilities here at our apartment and made arrangements to park the trailer at a family members house. We still plan on staying in it for 2-3 months, put money into making it look nice inside and function great. We bought a recliner ... Read More »

We bought our first home today!

Carriage Cameo 29FKS

Well it’s been a long time coming, but today we pulled the trigger and bought an RV! It’s a 2001 Carriage Cameo 29FKS travel trailer. It’s everything we wanted really! It’s the brand we would have picked if we could pick any one we wanted to, it’s the exact length we wanted. It has a SUPER SLIDE on the back ... Read More »

Finding a trailer was HARD work.

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

But we did it so quickly  Less than 2 weeks of looking. We finally found a travel trailer tonight. We drove to a near by city to look at a Cameo we found. It was posted 3 weeks ago, and others like this are going for 11k to 15k online, so we acted fast. We went down after work today, checked ... Read More »

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