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I love to do websites and general web work. I also love to help and share my advice, so if you have any questions that you think I can help with, shoot me a message.

New Cell Phone Wallpaper

Free Mobile Phone Wallpaper Downloads from The Digital Hippies

I created a wallpaper for my cell phone, and wanted to share it here. It inspires wonder, and freedom to me. Wonder because it’s looking at the vast desert, and mountains in the distance through a child’s eyes, and freedom, because you I miss so many of these types of events by working 40+ hours for someone else. By working for ... Read More »

Free RV Bill of Sale Download

Here is a template for a general RV Bill of Sale. You can download this bill of sale with the link below, free of charge. It actually contains the following vehicle types, not just RV’s: Airplane Bill of Sale ATV Bill of Sale Camper Trailer Bill of Sale Golf Cart Bill of Sale Horse Trailer Bill of Sale Manufactured Home ... Read More »

Making friends as an adult is hard. Especially if you’re not “normal”.

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

In school, you had people around you all the time. There was almost no choice but to make some friends. But as an adult, it’s rare. I mean, come on, if I see a guy who looks cool, it’d be nice to have some sort of bromance checklist you could swap. Stuff like main interests, thoughts on a certain subject, ... Read More »

Websites, Apps, and more! Let us know what you need!

Karen Baker - Birth Sense and Beyond - Web Design

We create websites! Well, not just websites, we do mobile websites, mobile apps, internet marketing, SEO, yadda yadda. Anything internet related, and we can probably help. We’ve created dozens, possibly hundreds of websites. Many for multi-million dollar businesses, many for small startups, friends and family. We can do just about anything you might need, I’m not saying that we know everything, but ... Read More »

The 4 Hour Work Week…. I need to finish this book!

The Four Hour Work Week - I Quit

I’ve gotten about 100 pages deep in to the book The 4 Hour Work Week and it’s inspiring and motivating. It really makes me want to leave my 8-4 daily grind, which gets me nowhere, and hit the road, working on my own terms. I also received The 4 Hour Chef as a gift from Brianne this past Christmas. I’m about 30 ... Read More »

Glen Ivy RV Park, Corona, CA [Review]

Glen Ivy RV Park in Corona

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Glen Ivy RV Park Location Information Website: Address: 24601 Glen Ivy Road Corona, Ca 92883 Phone: (951) 277-4261 OR (800) 628-9044 Rates: $450 / Month + $30 per dog Fulltimer Friendly: Yes, see Buying “Shares” at Glen Ivy RV Park below. This review will be a little different than the ... Read More »

Quick trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Road Trip - Family Shot

We had to run to Las Vegas for a close friend’s engagement party. Since we don’t have a truck yet for our trailer, we took the Prius. This trip was such a motivation for Brianne and me. We stopped off on the side of the road on the trip home to stretch our legs, and got some great pictures of ... Read More »

We’ve Moved Again!

Glen Ivy RV Park in Corona, California

We moved in to an RV park for the first time! It’s exciting and fun. We moved in 3 days ago, and so far we really like it. I have to leave in 2 minutes, but I wanted to get this quick update on the website. The RV Park is Glen Ivy RV Park in Corona, Ca. It’s quiet, not ... Read More »

So we have officially moved in to the trailer!

Carriage Cameo 29FKS - Front Angle

On Monday, we picked up our new home, and towed it up a winding mountain road to Running Springs, CA. The first night we couldn’t sleep in it because the bed wasn’t in yet, but the Tuesday night we slept in it! It’s great. We (Brianne mainly) are still getting it set up. Lots of scrubbing, cleaning, shampooing of carpets, ... Read More »

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