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Born and raised in Orange County, California, I am definitely a "summer" girl at heart. Today I am a full-time mother to a rambunctious two-year old living in a RV. Together Branndon and I are learning how to become financial and location independent.

Modern Twist To Standard Link Colors

CSS Modern Twist to Hyperlink Colors

Today links may be red, green or even orange. There really are no limitations to the color options, so use your imagination and get creative. (Just keep in mind they should be visible to your readers.) Hyperlink Colors Sample (made bold for easier viewing): Blue Hyperlink | Red Hover | Purple Visited Standard Link Colors Revisited As TDH uses the ... Read More »

How to Change the Line Colors with the Default Title Style in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word comes with several themes to customize the style of your document, several of which can be used to create a professional eBook layout. Sometimes you’ll want to make simple changes to the default styles. Here is how to change the line colors that appear with some themes’ Title style. Change the Title Style In this example, I will ... Read More »

Southwest Coaches: Our RV Dealership Outing

Southwest Coaches RV Dealership

Sometimes you need a little motivation to kick into a higher gear when working. Branndon and I wanted to relight the fire to work even harder so we could start our digital nomadic adventure. We thought if we took a look at an RV dealership it would inspire us and decided on visiting Southwest Coaches. After our many quick trips ... Read More »

Tax Time is Here: Learn from Our Mistake

Tax Time is Here: Learn from Our Mistake

Taxes. Argh. That horrible time of year is upon us again and I find its best to just get it out of the way, don’t you? It’s not just an elephant in the room, it’s an elephant on your back! A few years ago we decided to get our taxes done early. We thought it was a great idea. No ... Read More »

Free Things to Do with Kids for Easter

Free Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is almost here. (FYI: It’s this weekend actually.) In addition to the usual activities at home national chains are starting to offer something fun for the kids to do. And they are usually free! This year Trader Joe’s and Bass Pro Shops have a fun lineup. Since I could remember, every year I remember waking up to hunt for ... Read More »

How to Highlight Text in Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6

This tutorial will walk you through how to add a highlighter effect in Photoshop CS6. In this example you’ll see I’ve used the traditional highlighter color of ‘yellow’ to add emphasis to the text ‘Highlight Text’. First you’ll need to open the PSD file (.psd) you wish to add the effect to. Add a New Layer Create a new layer, this is ... Read More »

11 Copy and Paste Copyright Page Disclaimers

11 Copy and Paste Copyright Page Disclaimers

You’ve done it. You’ve finally done it. You finished that eBook that you’ve been working on and now you are figuring out what’s next. A small section that many self-publishers don’t think they need, or simply forget about is the disclaimer. Most books have them (as well as websites, CDs, and more) and you will want to include one as ... Read More »

Freebie: 4 Butterfly Social Icons

Free Butterfly Icon Set

While browsing my files and folders on my computer I came across these butterfly icons I created for another website project a few years ago. Instead of letting them sit on my computer doing nothing I thought I’d give them away, for free. You’ll find four icons within this set, including an icon for email, RSS, Facebook, and Twitter. (Pinterest didn’t ... Read More »

Opposites Attract, But Now What?

Left Brain vs Right Brain - How to Communicate

After twelve years together, Branndon and I have a lot of things figured out. There is a lot of compromise. For example, I do the dishes and he gives Spirit a bath (at least for a little longer). Above all though, communication is the most important. But what do you do when it becomes difficult to communicate? We needed to ... Read More »

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