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How to Change the Line Colors with the Default Title Style in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Word comes with several themes to customize the style of your document, several of which can be used to create a professional eBook layout. Sometimes you’ll want to make simple changes to the default styles. Here is how to change the line colors that appear with some themes’ Title style. Change the Title Style In this example, I will ... Read More »

How to Highlight Text in Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6

This tutorial will walk you through how to add a highlighter effect in Photoshop CS6. In this example you’ll see I’ve used the traditional highlighter color of ‘yellow’ to add emphasis to the text ‘Highlight Text’. First you’ll need to open the PSD file (.psd) you wish to add the effect to. Add a New Layer Create a new layer, this is ... Read More »

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