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Opposites Attract, But Now What?

Left Brain vs Right Brain - How to Communicate

After twelve years together, Branndon and I have a lot of things figured out. There is a lot of compromise. For example, I do the dishes and he gives Spirit a bath (at least for a little longer). Above all though, communication is the most important. But what do you do when it becomes difficult to communicate? We needed to ... Read More »

You don’t find the time, you make the time.

Sundial - You don't find the time, you make the time.

Today after a long day at work, I was listening to the Smart Passive Income Podcast Session 51. Pat Flynn is the host, and his guest was none other than Tim Ferris. They were talking a bit about the principals of The 4 Hour Workweek, and what the book really aims to teach. They were discussing the fact that the author, ... Read More »

A blessing in disguise…

Blessing In Disguise - Pay Cut In Half Turns Into Choice Of A Lifetime

After (some) time I’ve come to the belief that Branndon’s pay being cut by almost half has been a blessing in disguise. Seriously, I actually mean that. Without that major change causing the ripple effect that ultimately led to our (finally) purchasing a travel trailer, we might never have done it. Honestly, this is something we later might have had regrets ... Read More »

Making friends as an adult is hard. Especially if you’re not “normal”.

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

In school, you had people around you all the time. There was almost no choice but to make some friends. But as an adult, it’s rare. I mean, come on, if I see a guy who looks cool, it’d be nice to have some sort of bromance checklist you could swap. Stuff like main interests, thoughts on a certain subject, ... Read More »

The 4 Hour Work Week…. I need to finish this book!

The Four Hour Work Week - I Quit

I’ve gotten about 100 pages deep in to the book The 4 Hour Work Week and it’s inspiring and motivating. It really makes me want to leave my 8-4 daily grind, which gets me nowhere, and hit the road, working on my own terms. I also received The 4 Hour Chef as a gift from Brianne this past Christmas. I’m about 30 ... Read More »

We’ve Moved Again!

Glen Ivy RV Park in Corona, California

We moved in to an RV park for the first time! It’s exciting and fun. We moved in 3 days ago, and so far we really like it. I have to leave in 2 minutes, but I wanted to get this quick update on the website. The RV Park is Glen Ivy RV Park in Corona, Ca. It’s quiet, not ... Read More »

So we have officially moved in to the trailer!

Carriage Cameo 29FKS - Front Angle

On Monday, we picked up our new home, and towed it up a winding mountain road to Running Springs, CA. The first night we couldn’t sleep in it because the bed wasn’t in yet, but the Tuesday night we slept in it! It’s great. We (Brianne mainly) are still getting it set up. Lots of scrubbing, cleaning, shampooing of carpets, ... Read More »

Moving Day!

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

We’re moving out of our Apartment and in to our RV today! So nervous about what will fit, will it be cramped, will it be loud outside at night, will it be cool enough during the day? I know all these will be answered soon, just can’t wait to move in. [UPDATE] 6 months later. Life is good 🙂 It’s ... Read More »

Getting Nervous and Anxious!

The Digital Hippies | Explore. Dream. Discover.

So we have our Trailer, and we move into it in t-minus 12 days. We have stopped all the utilities here at our apartment and made arrangements to park the trailer at a family members house. We still plan on staying in it for 2-3 months, put money into making it look nice inside and function great. We bought a recliner ... Read More »

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