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Google AdSense for Responsive Themes (GARD) Free WordPress Plugin

Google Adsense for Responsive Design: WordPress Plugin

Anyone using a responsive theme for their website knows how frustrating it can be to host Google AdSense in your design. What you need is an ad that can adjust automatically to the size of the screen viewing your website.

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GARD Plugin Overview Video

Website design needed to adapt to allow websites to showcase the design well on any screen size and responsive design was the answer. Responsive design allows the layout to move and adapt to fit the different screen sizes. (You can test this by resizing your browser window right now if you’re on a desktop or laptop.)

Responsive design is one of the fastest growing trends in web design today, and being able to serve ads is vital to many websites.

Google AdSense for Responsive Design Plugin

After careful searching, I couldn’t find this type of plugin anywhere online. I did find some which allowed you to have responsive AdSense within widgets, but I wanted them in my post content. So, when a developer can’t find what they want, it’s time to roll-your-own. I found a great tutorial on responsive AdSense, and then modified it into a WordPress plugin.

The Google AdSense for Responsive Design WordPress plugin, or GARD for short, allows you to easily add a responsive Google AdSense ad within a post or page. Simply add the  [GARD]  shortcode and that’s it.

And the best part? This is a FREE plugin!

That’s right. I’ve already done the work and am sharing it with the public soon.

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Using the GARD Plugin

The usage of our plugin Google AdSense for Responsive Design is simple, just use the shortcode [GARD]  anywhere in your post or pages where you would like an AdSense ad to appear! That’s it.

The plugin will determine the screen and content area width, and pick from one of 7 ad sizes to display. If you don’t want all 7 options, just fill out the ones you do want it to pick from, and leave the rest blank.

Be sure to visit our wordpress plugin forums for support with GARD and to suggest new features.

Setting Up the GARD Plugin

There is nothing tricky to this, as it’s pretty straight forward. Even the options page is simple and to the point. Just enable the plugin, then go to SETTINGS > Google AdSense for Responsive Design, and fill out your Google AdSense Publisher ID, and any ad slot codes that you have created for your website.
Google Adsense for Responsive Designs Settings

Additional Features

Some features we may add down the road are:

  • The ability for you to include custom AdSense ad sizes that may be different than the 7 we’ve included.
  • The ability to change the shortcode from GARD to something custom. (complete)
  • Ability to use GARD in widgets.
  • Automatically insert GARD ads after X number of paragraphs.

If there are any features you’d like added to GARD, please let us know in our forums.

Find GARD on WordPress here

What are some other plugins you are looking for and haven’t found? Let us know in the comments below.

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About Branndon

I love to do websites and general web work. I also love to help and share my advice, so if you have any questions that you think I can help with, shoot me a message.


  1. Regarding Gard Pro I see that you can ad a custom short code name, but with Pro are you able to setup multiple short codes? For example I may only want rectangular ads in one section but may want banners in another without mixing the two.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you for your time,


    • Branndon

      Hi Brock,

      That feature wasn’t planned, but I’m sure I can incorporate it. You’re wanting it only for the manually entered shortcode only, not the widget or auto inserted code, right?

  2. Hi Branndon,

    I tried to make it on my blog but on mobile phone is not working as before.
    Any suggestion?

  3. Hmm…where do go to get the pro version?

    Links don’t work. It says it’s a redirect loop…

  4. Just wanted to say great job on GARD, Brandon!

    I’m in the middle of major mobile-friendly makeover for one of our sites and started fiddling with Google’s Beta responsive code then remembered this post. Set-up was a breeze!

    I guess i expected the ad units to actually resize responsiveley with the browser window size, but upon reloading the window a smaller ad appeared. Pretty sweet!

    Just one thing…What do you tell those who might question the security of a plugin that is passing AdSense account info?

    • Branndon

      Thanks Jim! I want you to have a copy of GARD Pro and let me know what you think. Here is a discount code for 100% off!

      Glad you liked the setup too, I just recently added the “basic mode”, which I think is a GREAT feature. Yeah, ads can’t resize dynamically with AdSense, otherwise I’d use that.

      What do you mean by a plugin that’s passing AdSense account info?

  5. What do you mean by a plugin that’s passing AdSense account info?

    Oh, no biggie… someone just asked if I was concerned that the plugin was passing my Adsense publisher ID and ad IDs, mentioning that a developer could hard code in his own pub ID, which I’m not even sure is possible.

    Thanks for the code, I’ll check out Pro!

    • Branndon

      Oh… that it’s storing your pub id and then outputting it. I thought you meant passing it, as in passing it back to my own site or something. I get it. I really don’t see any concern about trying to keep your AdSense info private, it’s all in the source code of every page. Both your publisher id and ad slug are visible with every ad displayed, so I don’t see how a plugin storing this data in your own database could be seen as anything bad.

      Yes, someone could hard code their own ID in, one guy did when he sold a theme. It’s underhanded and sly, but he did tell people up front that if they didn’t swap theirs in, his is the default. I think that’s bad just for the principal of it. Anyway I’d never risk loosing my adsense account from something like this. It’s against AdSense policies for me to put my pub ID on other sites.

      Hope you like GARD Pro!

  6. didnt work for me, set up as instructed, it’s displaying my big ad in middle (728×90) but it doesnt resize it on browser or mobile phone, smaller ad at top of screen has disappeared, 300×250 ad just displayed the word [GARD] so have set that back to normal code now. using WP version 3.6.1,

  7. Hi Branndon
    I’m a newbie with wordpress. I’ve just installed Gard for adsense. However, no ads shows up. Adsense ad will show up when I choose to use the widget that comes with the theme. I don’t like the ad to be on the side bar. That’s why I choose to use Gard. Can you help me please?

  8. Hi Brandon: I have used your plugin on my site and love the results on my computer screen.
    I have a banner placed just below my header and on the pc it’s great but on my mobile app it’s a little much since the scroll is rather long.
    Is there a way to have that banner not show on mobile devices?
    It has been suggested that I just create new pages for the app to access. If I do it that way, how do I tell gard to only show on certain pages?
    We’re currently using genesis simple hooks to place the ads. I have some in widgets too but they’re not the issue.
    Are these issues better resolved in the pro version?
    As you can tell, I’m a beginner.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,

    • Branndon

      Hey there! I’m surprised you found this post. Our support has been moved for many months. that is the new support lopcatino. If you can post your question there, along with a link to your website, I could let you know how to accomplish what you’re after. Short version, yes, the pro version has checkboxes for every ad size that say “Show on mobile only”. I will be adding options to “show on non-mobile only” in the near future. Infact, I have added this to the next “beta” release of the pro version, and I’m just waiting for some Pro users to beta test this before launching it for all.

  9. Haha I really had to laugh, when I saw the picture with the topic: “Digital Hippies” :-)
    Nice name. Whish you all the best. I will test you widget on my webside : s-nation
    and give you a feedback.
    Best Ragards from germany

  10. Google AdSense is the newest trend for making money online GARD Plugin is very useful plugin because the plugin will focus the screen as well as substance width.

  11. I would like a plugin that you can decide where you want your ads to show on each platform (desktop tablet mobile), and don’t have to insert the code on every post. I think that’s what most people want. DBD

  12. Post perfect. found what I needed
    thanks a lot
    Could you help me one more thing? I wonder how to make a youtube video play automatically in wordpress?

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