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Microsoft Word 2013

How to Change the Underline Style in Microsoft Word 2013

Just like a few of the more recent versions of Microsoft Word, the new Word 2013 allows a variety of different styles for underlining text. After selecting a new style you can use just like the normal Underline function. Simply select your text and click underline (found in the Font group under the Home tab), or use the keyboard shortcut (Control + U).

Here is an example of the different styles available.

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Examples of MS Word Underline Styles

Special Underline Styles in Word

To see the underline styles available click on the little arrow next to the ‘Underline’ button (U).

Underline Styles in Microsoft Word

(The ‘More Underlines…’ option simply opens the Font dialog box if you wanted to add other text effects to the underline style. Here you could change the font family, font size and other font styles.)

Changing Color of Underline

In addition to changing the look of the underline itself, you can also change the color of the underline. Hover your mouse over the ‘Underline Color’ to choose a new color.

Custom Underline Colors in Microsoft Word

And that’s how you can access the variety of different underline styles within Word 2013 (and Word 2010). The older versions of Word do not have this ability.

Are you planning to upgrade to Microsoft Word 2013?

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  1. Nice I didn’t know there was a way to change the color of just the underline. I thought I had to recolor the entire section for that to work.

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