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I did something great last night. I took action and published a new WordPress plugin!

I’ve been working on the GARD plugin for about a month now. It’s taken up most of my free time, and I’ve finally put it on!

You can find the post about GARD here

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The link to the plugin on is

This post however isn’t about the GARD plugin, rather what it represents. It represents a large leap forward for me as a programmer, aswell in my home life. See, this is one of the first products I’ve put out in a long time that I can make money from. The plugin itself is free, but there are a couple affiliate links in the back end. Also I am making a pro version of GARD titled (oddly enough) GARD Pro.

It’s a bit scary coding a project like a plugin if you’ve never done one before. Submitting it to was a learning curve too, but now that I’ve done it once, the next time will be easier. This project was really about me pushing my comfort zones in coding, and trying to see how much I can earn from something like this.

I have some other projects that are still not finished, but today I can say that I finished a project. It’s been written, and rewritten dozens of times, and now it’s finished.

It’s silly, but I told Brianne I feel like I just sold a product for $4,000! I’m grinning so big, just the fact that I finished coding a custom plugin from scratch, and I’ve submitted it to the official WordPress site to be released to millions of other people!

I think  the plugin will gain in popularity as the web trends towards responsive designs. The pro version of the plugin is already ready too, but I need a few beta testers before I launch publicly.

I’ll edit this post in the future if I hit any exciting numbers for installs or ratings.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  2. Congrats, it should be in demand. I’m just about to change my theme to a new responsive one as a good portion of visitors are coming on mobile now. It’s the future… I might end up making use of your plugin. :)
    Ray Burr recently posted…Love Your RV Mods and UpgradesMy Profile

    • Branndon

      Thanks! It’s on pace for over 1000 downloads in the first month! The Pro version is getting some great features and requests too, like ad groups. So you can have one shortcode for left aligned ads, one for blue ads, and one for right aligned ads. Pretty cool stuff.

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