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Adobe Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 Text Glitching: Fixing The Text Corruption Problem

Recently I was able to upgrade to Photoshop CS6 and I loved the new look. Unfortunately that love quickly turned into annoyance at a text glitch that was causing problems. (And during my research I discovered Adobe knew about this before it was released!) Thankfully I found the solution and here is a step-by-step guide for those of you experiencing the same text corruption.

Problem: Text Corruption

The issue I was facing was when using the ‘type’ tool. When completing sentences, the ending punctuation kept re-positioning to the beginning of the line in the paragraph. This was happening with punctuation and special characters ([email protected]#$%&, etc).

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Fixing the Glitch: Step-By-Step

Example of CS6 Text Glitch After doing an obscene amount of research to find the solution to this (aggravating) error in Adobe Photoshop CS6, I finally found a comment by Troels Plougmann-Olsen giving a simple idea that helps fix this exact problem within the feedback section of the Photoshop website.

(If you read this entire thread you’ll notice the extremely long time it took Adobe to fix the problem with an update. Apparently they knew about it during the Beta testing and released it without fixing the problem. Even the update meant to fix the glitch, the 13.0.1 patch, is only preventing new files from corruption. Older files might still have the text problem return.)

Open the Paragraph Style Panel (Window > Paragraph)

There are two ways to do this; 1) from the program menu select Window and then Paragraph or 2) simply click the paragraph symbol (¶) from the panel options in your work space.

Selecting Paragraph Style Panel in Adobe Photoshop CS6

This will open your paragraph style panel. (You will most likely see this.)

CS6 Paragraph Style Panel Before Middle Eastern Features

Select the Middle Eastern Features (Type > Language Options)

Under the ‘Type’ drop down select ‘Language Options’ and then select ‘Middle Eastern Features’. (Notice the ‘Default Features’ is selected. You will reselect this at the end.)

Selecting Middle Eastern Features in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Paragraph Settings

You’ll notice the option with the arrow to the right of the paragraph symbol is selected.

CS6 Paragraph Style Panel After Middle Eastern Features

You need to select the option with the arrow to the left.

CS6 Paragraph Style Panel Goal
Now you’ll need to simply reselect the ‘Default Features’ options mentioned earlier. That does it. A simple fix for a frustrating problem. Hopefully this little trick will solve your glitch (like it did for me).

What do you use Photoshop for the most? (For those who don’t use Photoshop, what program do you use?)

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  1. This was very very helpful!

  2. Thanks so much Brianne! This drove me insane! I was literally considering to downgrade to CS5 but your fix saved the day! It’s much appreciated 😀

    • Brianne

      You are very welcome Narisa. I almost went back to CS5 too! The problem does still pop up every now and then, usually only on images saved before you made the change. But it helps. :)

  3. Bless you! Spent over forty minutes trying to solve this, this article did the trick!

  4. recently upgraded to CS6. tried to do a CD cover for my granddaughter and could not get the lyrics to come out correctly. Spent lots of time trying to fix it. Thank you so much.


  6. The problem still exist in PS CC. This is insane. It cropped up in the middle of a project now I have to figure out how to get the files that are corrupted fixed. The only way to remove the issue is to shut all the files down. Change the preferences to allow you change the issue and then migrate all the content from the old doc to a new file and then adjust all the text.

    Someone at Adobe needs a slap. Backhand style.

  7. Finally… a solution that works! Thanks a lot.

  8. Thank you Very Much , Great Tutorial.

  9. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! I was going out of my brain! and for such a tiny button! your a legend!
    Rebecca recently posted…Comment on Chapter 62: A designers lesson in detail from the Sagrada Famila – Barcelona by rebeccaMy Profile

  10. Thanks so much! I was so frustrated but your fix was so easy to follow.

  11. :) THANK YOU!! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure that out!

  12. Thank you so much! You’re a life saver!! It was driving me nuts and a half lol…

  13. Thank you very much boss!

  14. THANKS! Dude, you saved my life! And so nice illustrated! Awesome!

  15. For some reason, mine has East Asian Features rather than Middle Eastern Features. It doesn’t give me the option to select the arrow. Anyone have a similar issue?

    • You have to change to “Middle Eastern” first under Edit > Preferences > Type… and after that these options will be available. But I think you have to restart Photoshop after changing the settings.

  16. Thank you so very much. This has saved me from hours of adding punctuation to separate layers.

  17. This was very helpful! Thanks a bunch! I was getting a little bit distraught, but now I’m happy again ^_^

  18. Thanks Brianne
    You saved me from frustration and saveda tons times for me. Thanks :)

  19. Thank you Dear..

  20. Brianne

    Welcome to everyone. It’s great that it’s such a simple fix and I’m glad you’re all fixing that pesky glitch.
    Brianne :)
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  21. YES
    finally someone who knows about it.

  22. Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate WRONG text settings, you are the best man in this world!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Thank you so freaking much. <3333333333


    Thank you so much for this post. I finally fixed the problem that was irritating me to the max. Thanks again and thumbs up!

  25. god bless you, this stupid ass error made it a world of pain. i would like to slap the programmer with a rotten baby tuna for making me lose faith in humanity.

  26. You saved my day… what an irritating problem

  27. ,Seriously this ROCKS
    !Adobe programmer Sucks

    The heck with Adobe knowing this glitch before the release. Let’s see how’d they feel if they found out that the water they bought and DRANK from their water dispenser isn’t water, but formalin. I’d like to see them freak-out on how to resolve the problem though there isn’t any solution just die minutes or hours later.

  28. Thanks a ton! This actually worked – great in-depth explanation.

  29. Raad Khalil Dodokh



  30. thank you so much… that really helps me in using cs6 I usually use cs5

  31. thnk you..

    My problem now is when I press the button photoshop text becomes not responding. Anyone can give me some advice?

  32. OMG! I googled the problem and your site was listed. Looking the most promising I tried it, followed all your instructions and I am so very very thankful for your help. I am creating a 55th anniversary booklet for my high school reunion and have done most of it but no texts. Now I can finish. You are a life saver. Thanks so much!

  33. It was really frustrating man.
    Thanks for help :).

  34. omg THANK YOU!! This was driving me insane!!!

  35. I don’t usually leave comments but oh my god thank you!!!!!!!!!

  36. Thank you very helpful article…:)

  37. Thanks soooo so much!!! This has been getting on my nerves since the upgrade.

  38. You’re my photoshop hero…..this solution worked perfectly =)

  39. Thank you so much!

  40. Thank you so much for this!! I was about to call Adobe and flip mode the squad on they a$$!

  41. No matter what I try the option to select Middle Eastern Features is greyed out. Driving me nuts

  42. I am absolutely grateful. That problem was hell.


  44. THANK YOU!! I can’t believe it’s taken this long to find a solution to this issue.

  45. Brianne, thank you thank you thank you so much! You saved my life with this tip!

  46. I love you.

  47. Dear God thank you. That was one of the most aggravating things I’ve ever had to deal with in Photoshop.

  48. Thanks a lot……….

  49. THANKS GOD its work, your my hero

  50. OMG!!! THANK YOU…This was REALLY getting on my nerves! Appreciate your brilliance!

  51. That solved my problem! Great find. Thx.

  52. Wow! You really solved my problem. Thank you so much!!!

  53. Thank you! So many other sites kept giving wrong advice to fix this.

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