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Update: One month to the day since I took major action towards our goal.

Last month I posted about how I took action and created my first WordPress plugin to release online. That was for a plugin titled GARD. The function of that plugin isn’t important to this article, what is important is that it was a HUGE success.

As you can see from the below image above, GARD had over 1,300 downloads in one month! I had no idea the need was so great, or the response would be this large to my plugin. It’s very motivating, and encouraging that we can do the whole location independance thing.

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Stats from GARD after one month.
Stats from GARD after one month.

Shortly after launching GARD, I released a premium version titled GARD Pro. GARD Pro runs $29.95 and I’ve actually sold a few in the short time since release. That alone is a kick in the pants¬†(a forceful encouragement to do something). That $29.95 represents 1/3 of the income I’m estimating that we need to travel fulltime.

I know that selling a few copies over the span of 3 weeks doesn’t even come close to what we need, but it’s a start! It’s so encouraging in fact that I’ve already completely added new features to GARD Pro which are being requested. Also I’ve written a 3rd plugin (GARD Pro being the 2nd) in just the past 4 days. The plugin will be titled “Cloudflare I.P. Management”, and is aimed at geeks like me using WordPress and CloudFlare for their websites.

This new plugin will be 100% free, and simply ask for a donation via a link. There is no reason that I can see for now in making this plugin cost money, and therefor I’ll just release it free on

This update is just to show that when you stop planning, and start doing, great things can happen. I’ve made something from nothing, and people are paying me for it. That’s awesome!

You can too… whatever you’ve been working towards, keep going. A key “ah ha!” moment I kept having was this: How do you expect to make money and travel if you aren’t selling anything?

In order to follow your dreams, you have to be taking action. Dreams without action are just that, dreams. They will always remain dreams until you make them a reality. Dream big, work hard, and reap the rewards.

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  1. Great Plugin guys, Perfect for web pages and advertising…

  2. Great Plugin guys, Perfect for web pages and advertising…

  3. Gard pro link isn’t working….are you aware of this?

    I would like to buy, but obviously I can’t.
    matt recently posted…Yoga Alliance Launches Petition Against YogaGloMy Profile

  4. Hi,
    I have been extremely frustrated trying to find an easy to use, good plugin to get adsense, which is confusing enough by itself, on my website. I was very happy to see that your website is live and current, because the last few plugins I tried (that appear first on the list in wordpress for google adsense), either don’t function correctly, have no proper support for help, or have non-existent websites. So I’m happy to see that yours is real, and I’m going to try it, and pray that everything works, and that I can figure this out. Peace and blessings.

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