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Why do you call yourselves ‘The Digital Hippies’?

That’s the best description that covers who we are. We love everything the digital age has to offer, especially the Internet. And we think of ourselves as modern “hippies”. Many aspects of the (Modern) Hippy Culture are congruent with our beliefs, including the cyberspace revolution, health consciousness and organic food, music festivals, the rejection of established institutions and an strong belief in personal freedoms, and a general ‘back-to-nature’ relaxed attitude (with a healthy disrespect for authority).

How do I get started?

First of all, welcome to The Digital Hippies! We created the ‘New? Start Here‘ page with you in mind. It is the perfect starting point to get a general overview of the website, popular posts and top resources all in a single place.

Can I guest post on The Digital Hippies?

At the moment, we are not accepting any guest posts on The Digital Hippies. This is mainly due to building the website around a particular type of article that our our audience has become used to. If the situation changes, this will be updated.

Personal (1)

Who is ‘Spirit’?

Our daughter. We decided not to use her name for safety concerns. She is still young and impressionable. We wanted to avoid possible situations where strangers knew her name. For example, if a stranger called her by her name she might go up to them thinking she knew them and they were a friend. ‘Spirit’ LOVES horses, hence the nickname (from movie title ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimeron’).

TDH Email Newsletter (6)

What is The Digital Hippies’ Newsletter?

The Digital Hippies’ newsletter is the best way to stay up-to-date with everything going on the website. It is a weekly newsletter sent directly to you via email. Each issue will contain the most recent tips, tricks and helpful resources to help you on your path to location independence.

In addition to the weekly updates to blog posts, you’ll also receive occasional themed issues around a central topic. These are generally compilations from the archives with more detailed information not found on the site.

And lastly, there will be the rare promotional email or announcement that is time sensitive. Together you might receive (at most) two emails a week, but usually it will just be one.

How do I signup for the newsletter?

It’s easy. Simply enter your first name and email address in the boxes below, and click the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button.

Within a few minutes (or hours depending on the Internet) you’ll receive an email from us. There will be a link for you to click to confirm you want to receive the newsletter. You need to click that link or you will not receive the newsletter.

How often will I receive the newsletter?

The Digital Hippies’ newsletter is sent weekly on Tuesday. (Depending on your timezone, you might receive it Monday or Wednesday.)

You will also receive occasional themed updates, resources geared around a central theme or topic, and announcements. You should receive no more than two emails each week, but most weeks it will just be a single newsletter.

Is it possible to read past newsletters?

There are a couple of ways to view past newsletter issues. You can check out the email newsletter archives. Or you can find every past newsletter here on the site under the Tag of ‘TDH Newsletters‘.

May I share the newsletter with friends and family?

Absolutely! If you know someone you think could be interested in any of the newsletters you receive, please feel free to forward it to them. They can enjoy that single newsletter or sign up to have them sent directly to them in the future. It’s their choice.

Can I cancel my newsletter subscription?

Of course. You are welcome to unsubscribe at anytime. You’ll find the link at the bottom of every email newsletter you receive.

If you do, we might scream and cry, then call you at 2:00 am begging you to come back. (Not really, but we came across that once and loved how fun it was.)

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