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The Digital Hippies Forums & The Digital Hippies Shop Live!

The Digital Hippies Forums & The Digital Hippies Shop Live!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our forums and our shop!

The Shop

Started with the intention of hosting all of our e-books, guides, and tutorials, the shop was slated to be fully “Pay What You Want”. Well, the content was taking longer than we first anticipated to create, so we launched the shop over the weekend with many physical products in it. These unfortunately aren’t under the Pay What You Want model.

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As of launch you’ll find Coffee Mugs, Stamps, an RV Bill Of Sale, and Smart Phone Cases. We anticipate adding at least one Pay What You Want product each month.

The Forums

I (Branndon) have a history online of working with forums. I joined my first online forum back in 2004, and eventually became a moderator of that forum. In 2006 I decided to launch a forum dedicated to my hobby at the time of 4×4’s. My 4×4 Forums exploded with growth, quickly gaining over 1,000 users! As time went on, and personal struggles were strong, I had to sell his 4×4. The forums and website are still owned and operated by me.

We struggled with the idea of introducing forums here at The Digital Hippies. He didn’t want to put up a forum with the focus in mind to overtake all other similar forums, but at the same time, he didn’t want to put forums up if they ended up being a ghost town. The decision was made to launch our own Digital Hippie Community Forums, with the intent of being a small, close knit community.

The forums are envisioned as being mainly people interested in The Digital Hippies travels, and on-goings. Initially it will consist of close friends and family, slow expanding via search engines, and our users linking back to us.

Please stop by the shop and forums, and let us know what you’d like to see there. We’re open to suggestions for both areas!



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About Branndon

I love to do websites and general web work. I also love to help and share my advice, so if you have any questions that you think I can help with, shoot me a message.

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