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A blessing in disguise…

A blessing in disguise…

After (some) time I’ve come to the belief that Branndon’s pay being cut by almost half has been a blessing in disguise. Seriously, I actually mean that. Without that major change causing the ripple effect that ultimately led to our (finally) purchasing a travel trailer, we might never have done it. Honestly, this is something we later might have had regrets about.

Sure, it’s had its ups and downs along the way. Needing a new air conditioner in record summer heat was definitely a down moment for me, as was running out of propane using the heater in the (almost) freezing nights of winter.

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But the ups are there too, in far greater numbers.

Yes our trailer is small, at only 31 feet, when you compare it to normal American standards of a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. (I don’t even want to talk about the kitchen space.) But we own our home. The peace of mind in this alone is worth it. Especially in this unsteady economy.

Plus we did happen to find one with a 12 foot electronic slide out that is 4 feet deep! And somehow managed to get our California king Temperpedic mattress to fit (well squeezed in anyways). I still don’t know how Branndon maneuvered that behemoth, it must weight over 250 pounds. Somehow it fit and this is just one more happy extra to living in our RV full-time.

Traveling Brings Opportunities

One of the main reasons for our desire to travel in this way is the opportunity of new places. Not just for us, but for our daughter. ‘Spirit’ is a growing toddler who is always curious. She loves to run and jump and play. Basically she is a normal 2 year old and the world will be her playground.

My vision for the future with this plan of traveling is brighter than the North star. (Corny, I know.) The opportunities are there. Whether we openly seek them out or they find us. Experiencing the Seattle Fish Market to horse lessons in Oregon to bottle feeding baby lambs in Colorado. And that’s just the west coast! Just imagining the advantage of giving Spirit so many exciting learning experiences makes me smile.

The World Is Our Backyard

You see, we love to travel.

Whenever we had a weekend away or a longer (normal 2 week) vacation we were the happiest. We enjoyed spending quality time together while discovering local amusement and cuisine.

This idea sprouted further into adding a road trip when Branndon and I returned from our honeymoon. It would have been an (in our minds at the time) epic journey traveling through the remaining 49 states, since we would have just had our honeymoon in Hawaii, in a Chevy suburban. We would have journeyed through Canada to reach Alaska to make sure we saw every state.

We had some camping gear already and received more from our bridal shower (it was a co-shower with a camping theme to help prepare us). We were all set with maps and planning our trip. Unfortunately, the trip never happened. I don’t really remember why, probably funding issues.

And now we are able to finally do this big trip. This grand idea is finally happening and we get to share it with Spirit (and all of you). Be sure to keep up with us by subscribing to our newsletter. 🙂


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Born and raised in Orange County, California, I am definitely a "summer" girl at heart. Today I am a full-time mother to a rambunctious two-year old living in a RV. Together Branndon and I are learning how to become financial and location independent.

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