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An introduction on WHY I want to live in an RV and travel the country.

An introduction on WHY I want to live in an RV and travel the country.


Brianne and I have been talking about traveling the USA in an RV since before we got married back in 2005. We bought numerous books on the subject, huge oversized maps, a GPS for our laptop, software, and even asked for the majority of our wedding gifts to be camping/travel themed.

Shortly after our wedding, we realized that our finances wouldn’t allow it like we thought they would, so we put the trip on hold. A year later, around August 2006, Brianne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This surprising didn’t bother us, we both took the news easily and very “matter of fact”. I could tell we kind of bothered the doctor with how calm we took it. Anyway this made me want to take the trip even more so than I did before. I wanted to have a grand adventure while we were both young and still could.

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Again, it was only finances keeping us from taking the trip. Around the end of October 2010 I found out about a contest where I could enter to win $100,000. The thing you had to do was simply record a specific youtube video, and get the most comments/votes on the video.

Here is my original entry video.

I was in the lead for the first few weeks, far in the lead. I was big into off-roading, and had the support of behind me. They are basically the largest 4×4 community online with thousands of people on the site at any given second. Well… Some youtube celebrities with thousands and thousands of followers got wind of this contest, and waited until the last day to enter. They came out of the gate so hard, that in a few days, they had doubled my votes. So my dreams of winning this contest were shot down. Oh, Brianne didn’t know a thing about my efforts scouring the web trying to get votes from every corner. I even made a facebook group for it. She eventually found out because someone emailed her.

Flash forward to 2012. I had landed a job in 2011 which gave me a comfortable living. Around the end of November my hours were cut down to part time… then less and less. I now had a baby almost ready to turn 1 year old, and had a small savings, so we lived frugally for awhile. My income was down to less than 1/2 of my previous pay rate. In early March, I actually had to quit my job. I couldn’t handle 3 hours a week here and there, at odd hours, and always an emergency. I had to be free to pursue other work.

(Warning, plug here) I was able to survive by creating websites. I am a web developer, and have been doing web coding since the 90′s! I had a geocities page and edited it to be my own little page. I started with HTML coding then. It progressed slowly as a hobby, but it was 2009 when I started 416BC Web and Mobile Business Solutions. We create websites, manage them, host them, search engine optimize them, and anything else you could want. We recently got in to creating mobile apps, as well as offering text message marketing.

So now, I have a new IT job which pays me almost exactly 50% of what my previous employer did. We can no longer afford our outrageous Southern California rent, and are going to move out. There is only really one family member who could take us in, and we didn’t want to go that route. We had lived with these people for about a year before, and didn’t want to come crawling back and live out in the middle of nowhere.

This leads us to finally finding an RV. Stay tuned for more details and our RV hunt!


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