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Finding a trailer was HARD work.

Finding a trailer was HARD work.

But we did it so quickly :) Less than 2 weeks of looking. We finally found a travel trailer tonight. We drove to a near by city to look at a Cameo we found. It was posted 3 weeks ago, and others like this are going for 11k to 15k online, so we acted fast.

We went down after work today, checked it out. It’s not going to win beauty contests. It’s dented, missing pieces, torn in places, but it’s all cosmetic. I believe it’s structurally sound! Can’t believe it, it’s a model with a super slide, just what we wanted.

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We haven’t paid for it yet, but we will tomorrow after work, and the lady will let us keep it there until we move out later this month. Also she said we can come by anytime to put things in it, what a great deal!

I’m attaching the original craigslist ad below.

Travel Trailer Listing On Craigslist


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  1. I am so Happy for you guys, And Jealous too 😀 Have fun…

  2. I love the trailer and you have two doors. Love it! I know that the three of you will have a great time traveling and seeing this great beautiful country. I am looking forward to all of the blogs as you travel. Good luck and love to you all.

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