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Getting Nervous and Anxious!

Getting Nervous and Anxious!

So we have our Trailer, and we move into it in t-minus 12 days. We have stopped all the utilities here at our apartment and made arrangements to park the trailer at a family members house.

We still plan on staying in it for 2-3 months, put money into making it look nice inside and function great. We bought a recliner that rocks for Brianne. She loves it so much, I don’t think I’ll get to use it much. It’s going to be awesome camping in some other state, with the door open on the RV, looking out at nature while working on the laptop in the recliner.

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This was just a short update. Check back in 2 weeks to find out how the move went.


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  1. Devin W Nathanson

    I am so happy for you and the family. Very jealous but that happens. How are u going to tow it, I don’t think the prius can tow that? I will try to keep up to date with all the post and gave u my email on my Ph. I’m so excited to read all the post u put. Congrats and the new buy, I’m proud of you Branndon, your making your dreams come true.

    • Branndon

      Thanks Devin! I wish you could do it too, I know it’s your type of thing. It will be fun, and something to remember. No the Prius can’t tow it, we’ll be buying a 3/4 ton Suburban/Yukon XL when we find one in our price range.

  2. Devin W Nathanson

    Hey Branndon if u need help working on the RV like the other sub or trucks u had let me know I would love to drive up and help u work on it. Lol let me know

    • Branndon

      I will let you know! most of the stuff is inside. The outside is kinda bad in spots, but I don’t know which repairs we will make yet. You can come up and see it anytime. We move in to it in 9 days! So maybe in July some time you can come up to the Cabin and see it.

  3. I’m a new follower. I’m excited to follow you as you travel. My daughters and I will do the same next year. I can’t wait! Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a similar deal, although I don’t have fixer-upper skills. I don’t pay as much money in rent as you do, but I’m also hoping to be able to work mobil-y with computer programming. Good luck!

    • Branndon

      Thank you Monique! You’re actually our first “organic” follower, which means you’re not a family member or friend! I’m excited to have you following us, please comment anytime you have a question or comment. 😀

  4. Just don’t go camping in a state of Confusion… Very hard to hike out of that one… Love, Mom P.S. I’m full of…. other good advice. Just ask me!

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