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Making friends as an adult is hard. Especially if you’re not “normal”.

In school, you had people around you all the time. There was almost no choice but to make some friends. But as an adult, it’s rare. I mean, come on, if I see a guy who looks cool, it’d be nice to have some sort of bromance checklist you could swap. Stuff like main interests, thoughts on a certain subject, goals, those would be cool to know before you ask a dude if he wants to hang out. Oh, don’t get me started about that either… with my 11 hours of being gone during the day, I spend the precious time left with my daughter and wife. Almost no time left for one on one with the guys.

This is why I’m so passionate about making my own income, while traveling. I want to be in control of my finances, not my boss. I am working towards the goal every day. I have to-do lists, monthly goals, and daily goals. Once I make enough on my own, I’ll have more free time to spend with my family, and hopefully new friends.

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I have a lot of past friends, but it’s not the same trying the same ole conversation on the phone. “What’s up man? … Not much? What’s new with you? Nothing really, hey, I wanted to ask you ……” blah blah. I want to hang out with them. Anyway, I can’t wait to be traveling full time in our RV. I look forward to making friends during our trip around the USA. I think I’ll barter for things that I want to learn, like I’ll fix your computer for guitar lessons… That sounds like a plan. Also my immediate family needs help financially, and I have to help them. When I say have to, it’s because I know I can, not because they require me to.

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Oh, what I meant by not normal, is that I don’t drink, I think drugs should be legal (Personal Freedoms), I don’t take any pharma or over the counter drugs, I take vitamins, I don’t eat crap as a rule, I have a motivation to work for myself, and be location independent, I don’t own a TV, or care about many current events, I am always trying to learn more, I listen to podcasts in the car so that I can be productive and learn while driving, and I spend every non filled minute I have trying to achieve financial freedom, not so I an be rich, but so that I can experience life to the fullest and know that I’m always going to be financially secure. Most people I meet might have a couple of these qualities, but no one I know is on the same life goals that I am right now, and it’s hard to keep self motivated sometimes.

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  1. Love this blog. Esp “Making friends as an adult is hard, esp when you’re not normal.” I can totally relate as I have been “temporarily” in the south for 8 years, a SoCal native & have only met 2 girls I can call friends. Well, one I haven’t heard from recently & the other is blocked from my FB page bc she got all SWF. I usually have a handful of longtime girlfriends and a handful of longtime guy friends…all back home in SoCal that I met at work, at school or networking. Here? Why can’t people just be real, open & honest? Every girl I’ve met here who isn’t my friend is closed minded, smokes cigarettes, drinks heavily, has daddy issues, cheats on her spouse, gossips &/or rants about how much they hate life yet they don’t want help to do something about it or totally loves me & we totally hit it off but then they don’t want me in their group bc they are extreme attention-horribles like the chicks who dance on bars & kiss girls to get a reaction from guys or they are totally fake. If you’re not normal neither am I bc I can relate to everything you said. I’m not bashing the south this is just what I have found in my experience (which is ironic bc the south is supposed to value family, relationships, etc) We don’t drink, we hate cigarettes, we’re both divorced, we love nature & we love spending time together with our cats & dogs & kayaking or camping etc. But I have to keep telling myself there is something to learn here & life is about the journey. I want financial freedom too & I have much to do bf I get to where you guys are but I do a little bit everyday to reach my ultimate goal. Even if the things I do to prep sound stupid to others, it makes me feel closer to my goal so these little things are important to me. Today I downsized my downsized items that are packed to leave. I found several fashion belts, expensive handbags such as fossil & lucky brand & shoes, hats, scarves, housewares, etc that I learned that I don’t really want but was just keeping bc they are brand new & valuable. (Instead of shopping ‘for distraction’, I should have been saving, right?! lol) But I don’t want to donate them to a shelter store like I usually do bc I am trying to build up my savings for my RV & I could probably sell them for a few hundred. I was thinking Craigslist but seems like a pain for small individual items. I thought yard sale but everyone says I won’t get what I should get for expensive items. I thought of selling them to a dealer but the dealer cut may not be worth it. Any ideas? Did you come across this situation when you were downsizing & prepping? I’d love some insight and other ideas if you don’t mind. Then I have to decide if the work is worth the money I will make…bc even though I’m not rolling in the dough, my time is still valuable. You know?

    • Branndon

      Millie, thanks for finding our site and commenting! It’s refreshing, and saddening, to know that others are going through the same struggles as yourself. I’m excited for you that you’re working towards your dreams of fulltime RV living too, that’s so cool! Yes, people may look at you as weird or different, but if they aren’t open minded enough to accept you, then they wouldn’t be a good friend anyway. You don’t want to surround yourself with judgmental people.

      I understand your feelings about your “friends” now, and that you’re not judging them, rather explaining things that they choose to do, that you don’t relate to. You probably have nothing against their choices, but since you’re on a different path in life, what they are doing doesn’t appeal to you.

      I’m glad that you’re moving towards your dreams! You have to be moving towards something in life, or you will never get anywhere. At my current job, I see people who have been here for 20+ years…. and they are still low on the totem pole. Not because they are bad employees, but because they are unmotivated to achieve something different. I will not fall in to that pattern, and it sounds like you won’t either.

      Keep up the motivation, don’t get discouraged, and always keep your dreams at the top of your priorities in life. I don’t write blog posts much, but two of my better posts are the two that you replied to. This is inspirational to me to write more similar posts. I actually have had some thoughts in my head lately, so I hope that I can get them out here on the blog.

      As for selling your things, I totally understand it. We got rid of a lot of things which were somewhat valuable for low prices when downsizing. We didn’t have any designer type things, but we did save a few smaller, more valuable things, like figurines, and vases. They are in storage with the intent to put them on Ebay. Ebay is great for things like this because you’ll get what they are worth. If you write a good ad, and set the time to something like 10 days, word will usually spread. What I mean is if I had a Corvette, and listed it with a starting bit of $100 and no reserve…. the Corvette community would be speaking about it almost immediately, and the car would eventually sell for the going rate. Same for your bags, if you can advertise them right on ebay with the right keywords, and good photos, I’m sure you’ll make 50-70% of their original price back (at least I hope you do). You can always set a reserve price, thereby saying “I won’t sell these for less than $100, but let’s start the bidding at $50 to get people interested”.

      So glad you found us, and if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, you should! You’ll get new info from us, and be able to follow us along on our journey. I’m also setting up a forum, which I’d love to have you as a member of. No ETA on the forum launch, but I’m working on it frequently.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply! I needed to hear that “dreams priority” comment right now so your reply was not only helpful but spiritually timed. You’re so right about everythg u said! TY 4 the tips re sellg as well! I want to write more but it’s 347am & I’m finally gettg sleepy. I signed up for the newsletter & excited to read along w ur forum! Thx for the invite! Can’t wait! Until next time, take care & keep writing! :)

  3. Writing on my phone because we only have one working laptop and its being used by my daughter who is doing an extra class this summer online. My family consists of myself, husband (second marriage) and my daughter 16, and son 18 (who recently graduated hs). I am currently working as a manager in a local restaurant while we live in our 2 rvs in a park. The kids in a Minnie winnie and the main living space and our room in a 35′ 5th wheel. Originally we were going to live on a portion of my husbands families land but plans fell through due to us being too “different” to fit in. We don’t have any people we hang with and spend most of my days off just dealing with stuff that comes up. My husband doesn’t work because he has seizure disorder and bi-polar disorder and traditional meds make him very unstable. We are wanting to become independent from a job i need to “go to” because I am very much needed at home to keep repairs and remodeling of our 80’s rigs going. We don’t even have a truck to move the 5th wheel at present so were making due in the park. I am wanting to get into writing and counseling others with health issues and have much experience in this area and love to feel at the end of each day that I made a difference for someone. We live paycheck to paycheck and barely make ends meet. What steps could you suggest for progressing toward independence and moving into a situation where we are not dependant on me working a “Joe job”? How does one make an income blogging? I have seen so many sites that ask for investment which is just out of the question for us right now. Any feedback or ideas would be very appreciated.

    • Branndon

      I will write a full reply tomorrow. I wanted to reply and say that we received your comment. :) Your thoughtful post deserves a thoughtful reply.

    • Branndon

      Your comment is touching and saddening. It’s exactly situations like this that make me want to help people not stress about family, health, income, or home.

      I’m sorry, I’m still learning all of this myself, and can’t give you a 100% accurate solution for your situation. If you’re interested in writing articles for money, you can earn around $8 an article from, Brianne did that for a long time and they do infact pay. Another suggestion is to learn from, Pat Flynn doesn’t charge for his information as a rule. He has products sometimes, but 99% of his teaching for you is free and great advice about making money online.

      • Ok, thank you for the links. I will check them out. I feel I have something to contribute to this world and am motivated to bring about change for my family and will share my discoveries with you. We all learn together and its nice to have real people with whom I can grow and bring about change. Thank you for being here. I look forward to reading more from you (I have read all of your archived and current offerings) and discussing discoveries.

        • Branndon

          Thanks Leanna for the nice words. Yes, it’s nice to find link minded people who want to bring about positive change to the world and people around them. I’m glad that you enjoy the posts we put out.

          I working every day still towards gaining remote employment or working for myself, and when I find the trick that works for me, I’ll be sure to write a nice post about it.

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