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So I think we are finally going to hit the road!

So I think we are finally going to hit the road!

So, this brings us to today. We are one month away from our lease being up at our apartment, and are convinced that at the end of June, we’ll find an RV, buy it, and live in it for the summer. We also have to find a truck to pull the trailer.

I am eager and excited to travel in an RV… ANY RV will do. The plan is to stay in the RV for the summer while I continue to work and save the money we would have spent on rent. Then after a couple/few months, if we want to, then we can get a nicer RV.

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I’m nervous and scared. There are so many things that can go wrong. Heck, there are many things that I know WILL go wrong. I expect them and can handle them.

In order to travel minimalistically I think it’ll take $1500+/- a month. This is just things like insurance, camp ground fees, food, gas, etc. This doesn’t leave much money for eating at nice places, theme parks, museums, or anything extra special.

Regardless of how we go, it will be fun and an adventure!


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