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The 4 Hour Work Week…. I need to finish this book!

The 4 Hour Work Week…. I need to finish this book!

I’ve gotten about 100 pages deep in to the book The 4 Hour Work Week and it’s inspiring and motivating. It really makes me want to leave my 8-4 daily grind, which gets me nowhere, and hit the road, working on my own terms.

I also received The 4 Hour Chef as a gift from Brianne this past Christmas. I’m about 30 pages in to it. It’s about accelerated learning mainly, but it touches on cooking as a theme throughout the book.

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Of the two, so far, I like the 4 Hour Work Week better. It’s more tailored towards me getting to my goal of self employment and traveling. I’ll update this post more as I read through the book more and post anything I think is important here.

UPDATE: I’ve now covered 130 pages, and will finish the book in the next two weeks. Heck, I bought this book, and shipped it to a friend to read before I even finished it. Once I complete the book, I’ll write a great review of it.


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