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Fulltime RV Living

19 Reasons to Consider Fulltime RV Living, and 3 reasons to avoid it.

The Good

  1. For me, fulltiming is about the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want.
  2. The ability follow the good weather, and avoid the bad.
  3. The thrill of the unknown. Not knowing what you’ll find in the next town you visit is exciting!
  4. No lawns to mow, trees to trim, house to maintain. Far less maintenance on an RV.
  5. You have a mountain cabin, beach house, country house, and city house, any time you want!
  6. Being flexible with your schedule. As a fulltimer, you don’t set hard dates too often. Most things can change at a moments notice.
  7. No property taxes.
  8. No local government politics to deal with.
  9. So small town chatter/gossip to deal with.
  10. A smaller living area means everything is easier to find, clean, and enjoy.
  11. Exploring new places on a regular occasion.
  12. The people. Most every fulltimer seems to be down to earth, friendly, and in general good people. This is where our Hippie part of The Digital Hippies comes in. Be good to everone you meet.
  13. Photography, you can take photos of every location you visit, and when you look back later, you’ll re-experience all of the past locations again!
  14. Bonding with your immediate family. Seriously, it takes work to live in such close quarters, but the closeness that you aquire from this lifestyle is unmatched by most stick and brick families.
  15. As Jimmy Buffet says, being on a “Perminant Vacation”
  16. Seeing the history of towns. Visiting museums, or festivals in places you’ve never heard of.
  17. Being in the middle of a forrest with no one around for miles… Perfect peace and quite.
  18. You don’t have to make the long drive home after visiting family right away. Stay the night and leave the next day refreshed.
  19. RV repairs are often times cheaper than home repairs.

The Bad

  1. Not being close to family when they need you.
  2. Showers/Baths are not a relaxing event, rather a chore sometimes depending on your setup.
  3. A small refrigerator/freezer. (Some models have full sized appliances!)
  4. One more bad is having to leave the great, fast friends you meet all over when traveling. We met so many great folks, it’s often hard to move on (Contributed by Ray over at

*Disclaimer: These are general, short, opinions. Many of them can be debated, and this is just to provide many of the reasons I choose to fulltime in an RV. If you have anything to add to either list above, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great list, agree with them all. One more bad is having to leave the great, fast friends you meet all over when traveling. We met so many great folks, it’s often hard to move on.
    Ray recently posted…Love Your RV 2013 Snowbird Season RecapMy Profile

    • Branndon

      That’s actually something I am experiencing right now. One of our good neighbors is moving out, and I’ll miss them more than some people I’ve known for years. It’s hard when you make good friends then have to leave them. But I’ll keep in touch with as many as possible.
      Branndon recently posted…The Shops at Dos Lagos are Dog FriendlyMy Profile

  2. This is a really nice list, and I’ve experienced a lot of these benefits from RV living too. Yes, some of the other people that you meet are incredible. But, more imporantly, there is the environmentalism and the minimalism that helps to clear out your mind. Cheers
    greenminimalism recently posted…Living Green is RV VandwellingMy Profile

  3. Living the Dream! I’m hoping to achive it on a Yacht, where the ocean is your road and the world your destination.
    Louis recently posted…10L Small Waterproof Dry Bag – $19.13My Profile

  4. My girlfriend and I would love to RV around the country, but she’s a grandma now and she’s unwilling to be away from here grandchildren for any length of time. Since they won’t be in their teens for another decade, we may be too old to do it by the time they are grown.

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