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A Quick Trip To Tom’s Farms

A Quick Trip To Tom’s Farms

After starting the laundry we had a little time to kill. What better way than a quick trip to Tom’s Farms? Only 5 minutes away from the Glen Ivy RV Park it offers a fun place for adults and kids alike.

Spirit has come to know it as the place with the “big horse” as there is a life size statue pulling a Wagon near the entrance to (what). And that was our primary reason for coming today. 😉

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On our way home we heard live music starting up, but we needed to switch the laundry loads. The band was playing For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield and we wished we could have stayed. (I wonder if live music is every weekend? Yes. They do!)

Tom’s Farms

After purchasing the land in Corona (California) Tom opened a 3,500 square foot produce stand in 1974. Three years later a hamburger stand was added. In 1978 the Interstate 15 made it more easily accessible to nearby cities and Tom’s Farms continued to grow.

Now the ‘Farms’ includes several restaurants, a furniture store, old fashioned candy and fudge shop, and other attractions in addition to the original produce stand.

Weekend Amusement

Each weekend there is a craft fair with vendors selling homemade goods. The artisans sell unique art and crafts every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10 am to 6 pm. In addition to the Craft Fair, Tom’s Farms offers a Family Fun Zone.

Family Fun Zone

Every weekend Tom’s Farms is turned into a Family Fun Zone for families to spend quality time together. Take a leisurely ride on their 1800’s reproduction train, propelled by steam, over 10 acres as a family. The kids can enjoy a spin around the Old Time Carousel on a wooden horse or ride a real one with the pony rides. There is also tractor driving (for the kids) and a shooting gallery. Don’t miss the free live entertainment either.

  • Mining, $4 and up – Search for fossils and gems in the dirt.
  • Train Ride, $2 per rider – Tour 10 beautiful acres on this 1800’s replica train.
  • Old Time Carousel, $2 per rider* – Wooden horses on an old-fashioned style carousel.
  • Tractor Driving, $2 per rider – Small John Deere style tractors on a driving track for the kids.
  • Shooting Gallery, bring quarters and dollars – Aim at the ‘bullseye’ and see a fun reaction from whimsical characters.
  • Construction Scoops, bring quarters – A simple toy for kids to operate a construction scoop.
  • Pony Rides (Spirit’s favorite!), $5 per rider – A small track where you are walked around
  • Petting Zoo, $2 per person – A surprisingly large variety of farm animals to pet, including; chickens, goats, and rabbits.
  • Magic Show – Enjoy this free show at Noon and 2 pm on both Saturdays and Sundays
  • Free Live Entertainment – Local entertainment each weekend provided with live music concerts

*Last time we did this they were charging even for parents walking with their toddlers! Just a heads up.


There are two restaurants, a burger joint and Mexican restaurant, , and even a Wine & Cheese Shop offering pizza and sandwiches. No matter what you are craving you should be able to find it here.

  • Tom’s Old Fashioned Burgers – A decent menu offering American classics. We tried them for breakfast and weren’t impressed. Of course we were strictly limited to eggs and bacon (or sausage) eating Paleo. You might have a better chance.
  • Senor Toms – A quick stop here on New Year’s for breakfast on the way to a wedding and I was pleasantly surprised. The Carne Asada with Eggs was delicious. And the staff was very helpful in letting me switch a side of guacamole for the tortillas! Yummy!
  • Wine & Cheese Shop – All kinds of cheese, sausages, wines, and much more. Plenty to choose from.

Tom’s Farms is a great place to visit for a weekend day trip. Take the kids and enjoy their many activities for the day.


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