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Chili Cook-Off at Glen Ivy RV Park

Chili Cook-Off at Glen Ivy RV Park

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Glen Ivy RV Park is hosting a Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, June 15th in the Mini Park. In addition to tasty chili from campers and owners there will be a DJ playing music and a 50/50 raffle with prizes. There will be no alcohol sold at this event (read: BYOB).

Location: Mini Park
Date: June 15, 2013
Time: 10 am to 3 pm

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For more information, please call Glen Ivy RV Park(951) 277-4261.

Chili Cook-Off Rules and Information

The following is directly from the Glen Ivy RV Park Chili Cook-Off Sign-Up Form (download a copy here).

Entry Fee per Table: $5.00
Bring sign up form and pay (cash or check) inside the Reservation’s Office.

Deadline for Entry: June 7, 2013


  • First Prize:      $75
  • Second Prize: $35
  • Third Prize:     $20

Judging Rules

A single score will be tallied for each entry. Judges will be looking to see who has the most Traditional and the most Creative Chili. Aroma, Consistency, Color, Taste and Texture will be rated as well.

Rules and Information

Note: Due to the limited site access and safety considerations, we ask that you plan on staying at the event until the award presentation is completed. Vehicles will not be allowed access to the site after 9 am.

  • Setup is at 8 am. You will be assigned a table and a number. Judging starts at 2 pm.
  • Each Contestant should bring a crockpot. Decorations for your table to compliment your chili. Make up a name for chili to describe it to tasters.
  • You may bring your own ice chest with drinks, an ice chest is also needed to keep perishable food cold to use for your chili.
  • Contestants are to provide their own propane cooking stoves, serving utensils and sanitation equipment. Ex. Gloves, Dish tub with water jug, Disinfectant wipes.
  • Chili must be cooked on site, pre-preparation is allowed ahead of time but the actual chili must be cooked the day of the cook-off.
  • You will be disqualified if your cooking conditions fail to meet the event directors inspection.
  • Pre-mixed ingredients are not permitted, ex. Six Gun Chili Mix or mixes that just require you to “just add meat”.
  • We will provide tasting cups and spoons, as well as napkins.
  • Garnishes are allowed to be served with your Chili, please use gloves when handling and serving food.

For more information, please call Glen Ivy RV Park: (951) 277-4261.

Chili Cook-Off at Glen Ivy RV Park Flier (.pdf, 759 KB)

Chili Cook-Off Sign-Up Form (.pdf, 630 KB)

To save the files to your computer ‘right-click’ on the download link and select ‘save as’.

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    Are you entering the Cook Off??? Sounds like fun (Y)

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