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“Every Single Day Is A Weekend” For The Kelloggs

“Every Single Day Is A Weekend” For The Kelloggs

When you think about selling everything and buying an RV it can be exciting. Then you start trying to figure it out and don’t know how it will actually work. It’s the unknown and can quickly become overwhelming. Some people get scared and quit before they even start. Others jump right in. We did and so did the Kelloggs.

One day the Kellogg family was on vacation… And the next Dan and Susie had sold their house (goodbye mortgage) and got rid of their cars (goodbye car payments). That’s bold for some most people.

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“We wanted to get rid of the mortgage,” Susie said. “Get rid of the car payments and breathe.”

“This is what freedom is,” Dan said, waving his hand at the open road. “You go after it.”

It might be natural to think they have recently retired and do what most retirees do, buy an RV to travel. At least that appears to be the trend. However, they have not retired. Dan is a software engineer working on the road. They are still both a couple years shy of 40. And they have children at home, but here’s the kicker. They have a ton of kids. I mean a lot. (12!)

With twelve children, between the ages of 2 months and 19, it can be difficult to imagine how they do it. That’s a family of 14 people, plus two dogs. The sheer dynamics of eating, sleeping and bathing… How do they do it? Especially when you consider they are living full-time in a 36 foot RV with a single bathroom.

Sleeping is easier when the weather permits some of the children to camp outside. Eating is probably anywhere they find room. Now storing food on the other hand, RVs don’t have that much room. Food needs to be bought everyday! And bathing? They take turns. I would imagine they also take advantage of showers at RV parks as well. (At least this is what I would do.)

For those of you wondering about school the children are homeschooled. All except the youngest, of course, and the eldest who has graduated. Instead of going to college Kerry (19) started her own art company and sells online to businesses. For the rest school is in the mornings to allow the afternoons for exploring.

However they manage it all, they seemed to have figured it out. “We are not superhuman, we simply have found the key to keeping our lives stress free and totally, completely exciting,” says Susie Kellogg. New challenges don’t phase them and life is taken one day at a time. More power to them.

Kellogg Family Lives in Class A Motorhome

Image: Kellogg Show

My favorite thing about Dan and Susie is their choice to take the plunge and just do it.

“Ask yourself in a perfect world what would make you happy. And then get it. Just go get it.” Susie Kellogg

They had the standard American Dream and decided it wasn’t their dream anymore. That wasn’t what they wanted. Dan and Susie wanted to live every day of the week, not just Saturdays and Sundays.

Not only are they living in nature spending time as a family kayaking, among other outdoor activities, they truly love and care for one another. Now that’s a close family.

What do you think is their biggest challenge?


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